Price Matching

Have you found a product we sell listed for less somewhere else? Let us know and we'll do our best to not only match the price, but also take an additional 10% oof the difference between our price and theirs (some restrictions may apply).

New Diver Discount

Yes, we have package discounts to get your basic personal gear at a great price. But, we were new divers once too, and we know what it is like as a couple signing up for two classes and buying two sets of personal gear, then deciding we want more than the bare bones equipment. To help our new divers get started with all the gear that makes them feel comfortable we offer special gear discounts for open water students. Ask us about it when you sign up for an open water class.

Hero Discount

As volunteer first responders with Lee's Summit Underwater Rescue & Recovery we know our military and first responders could use a break. To show our appreciation, we offer a "Hero" discount on courses and gear for active-duty military and veterans and first responders (law enforcement, fire protection, medical, and other emergency response members).