Beaver Lake

Beaver Lake is a nature lover’s delight during all seasons. Towering limestone bluffs, natural crevices, a wide variety of trees and flowering shrubs, and a diversity of wildlife and birds afford shutter bugs, hikers, and nature lovers many hours of enjoyment through out the year. Crystal clear waters beckon boaters, campers, fisherman, and scuba divers alike. 

We dive and do open water training dives from the dam site day use area. It has turned into a dive park over the years with training platforms and lines running to cars, boats, and vasrious other objects that have been sunk for divers to explore.

The water visibility is variable, but you can typically expect 10 ft visibility +/-5 ft depending on season and weather above the first thermocline. 

For more information on Beaver Lake visit the US Army Corps of Engineers website.

Dive Site Location

The dam day use area/dive park is located right by the Beaver Lake Dam, about 25 East of Rogers, AR and about 10 miles from Eureka Spring, AR. It is about a 3 1/2 to 4 hour drive from Blue Springs, MO.


The closest lodging available is just a couple miles from the dive site:

Beware that checkout at both of these locations is typically going to be before we are done with the open water training dives, you may want to ask for a late checkout so you can shower after you get out of the lake.

There are other motels, cabins, and AirBnb/VRBO options nearby, and of course, there is more lodging in the town of Eureka Springs, but you will be an additional 15-20 minutes away from the dive site.

Camping Sites

If you prefer to camp instead of staying in a motel there are several campgrounds near the dive park: